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Poememes: Freebie

Another thursday and another poememes challenge! This week is a freebie because I couldn’t think of anything. Just break out your  favorite art supplies and PLAY! Just make sure you include some art and 1 verse of poetry! Here’s my poememe. I used fabric tape and my scalloped edge scissors.


Now it’s your turn. Break out your favorite art supplies. Create some art and jot a verse of poetry. Then post your art to the group.

Or post your poememe to the linky list! I’m looking forward to seeing your art! :D

Love Write,

You Know You’re A Poet If…

Sometimes I feel like a poet and sometimes I don’t. I hear the Almond Joy jingle in the background.

I decided to create a list of what “makes” a poet a poet. This is my list:

1.) You write whenever and wherever you can.
2.) You wear your pen as an accessory–it’s easily accessible.
3.) You let a curious thought be your guide across a blank page.
4.) Ink drips from your smile.
5.) Your heartbeats like a drum, a melodical simile.
6.) You sometimes come home with pockets full of verses you scribbled throughout the day.
7.) You keep an idea or thought journal and refer to often when writer’s block strikes.
8.) You write micropoetry.
9.) You sigh in metaphors.
10.) You experiment in scribbles.

Now it’s your turn! Let’s see how long we can keep this list going!

What makes you a poet? OR What do you think makes a poet a poet?

Feel free to add to the list by commenting on this post!!!! :D I look forward to reading your additions to the list!!!!

Love Write,

If I Were A….

“If I were A…” is a prompt I found in my twitter feed a few days ago. You can check out more about this prompt here. Here’s my response to the prompt:

If I were a hawk

I’d glide through the ethereal

brushing the branches of trees

they’d shutter in their barks

at the gusts of wind

my wings generate.

I’d tear through clouds

of cotton

and pierce curtains of rain.

I’d swoop down

plucking a snack

from the earth

and soar to my perch

I shall sit upon

a wooden throne

of branches and leaves

eating my fill

and do it all the next day.

I am majestic in flight

my gaze is strong

have you seen me?

I don’t mean to boast

even when I screech

for attention,

I’ve heard and seen

many a crowd gazing up at me.

(c) j.ajabad 2014


Thank you for reading and stopping by! :D



















Since Her Tears Poured

The Writer’s Digest is hosting a poem a day challenge for National Poetry Month.

I have managed to write 3 poems. On day two the creativity wasn’t flowing.

I decided to post my response today’s prompt (day 4): Since____________.

This poem almost reminds me of a reverse ugly duckling story. What do you think?

Since her tears poured
filling a quaint pond,
the ducks swim
quacking in the wake
across the pond they glide
towards the hand that feeds them.

Quite the frienship
a girl and a pair of ducks
a flock of three.

(c) j.ajabad 2014

P.S–What are you doing for National Poetry month? If this month is busy for you, try writing one sentence each day. It may be less daunting and a little less time consuming.

If you write anything during this month or any time at all feel free to share it! Canvas Poetry accepts open submissions! If you have any questions e-mail me at:

Love Write,

Poememes: 3 Of A Kind

Hey folks! It’s thursday again. Which means POEMEMES! Am I giving the illusion that I am shouting into a bullhorn from a rooftop?! I kind of picture that when I see someone type something all in caps. They are either incredibly excited or forgot to turn the caps lock off. Hopefully it’s incredibly excited, which is my current mood as of late. I enjoy surfing on the swells of creativity.  I hope you’ll join me this week. Get out your “surf” boards and let’s get surfing on these swells of creativity. Oh and btw, I am not at all a surfer. LOL!

The beach doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s prompt per say. I’ve just grown so tired of the frigid heartless winter cold that I needed to imagine a warm sunny day.

This week’s challenge is 3 OF A KIND! In your art you can have three items or three items of three. Make sure you include one verse of poetry. For instance, you could have an ocean scene with three sail boats and three starfish that washed up on the beach. You could repeat a pattern 3 times or write your verse three times.  (Just a few ideas)!

I have a feeling that I will have more fun with this prompt than usual. I have at least two ideas for this prompt.  One needs to be finished while the other is ready to go. :D

Here is my first piece! I hope you like it!

A Line of Cliche

A Line of Cliche


Here’s another piece:


3 playing cards

Post your art through the linky list until next thursday.(Please make sure the link you share is to your specific piece and not a homepage!) Or join and share your work through the Poememes group on Flickr! Also I am going to experiment with sharing through twitter this week. Use #poememes with your photo if you post it to twitter.

P.S– Besides “living” on this canvas you can also follow me on twitter. I have grown to love twitter a little more than the other social media outlets. So if you’d like to read my micropoetry or just chit chat you can find me @1canvas1soul!

Love Write,

Wear Your Poetry

You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? Well, throughout the month of April I plan to wear or carry my heart in verses of poetry! Starting April 1- April 30 I plan to have my verses either attached to my clothes or bag. You can follow along each day and or join me on twitter. Each photo I take will have the #wearyourpoetry in the caption.

If you’d like to follow make sure you add #wearyourpoetry to your photos. Please be mindful of how and where you wear your pieces. No nudity and or graphic photos.

Wearable suggestions:

  • Write a poem on your clothes.
  • Write a poem on a separate piece of fabric and attach it to your sleeve
  • Wear a poem as jewelry
  • Write and attach a poem to your coffee cup sleeve
  • Attach a poet to the zipper of your bag
  • Write a poem on the cover of a notebook



Poememes: One Sentence Autobiography

Another thursday and another Poememes prompt! If you are new to Poememes visit here. This week write a poetic verse about yourself. Can you condense your life’s story into one sentence? Let’s give it a try! Remember to utilize artwork into it. What does this art/autobiography say about you? For example if you have a bubbly personality you might compose your autobiographic verse in a bubble.


For my autobliography poememe I used a tag. Stenciled my initial, added lace and a brad. For my verse I used Tim Holtz chit chat words!

1 sentence autobiography

1 sentence autobiography

What makes you you! Craft it and then share via the linky list. It’ll be up until thursday. Or if you want to work at your own pace or try previous prompts and share the join the group on flickr.
Have fun creating!

Love Write,

I Got A Poetique Feeling Down In My Heart

IMG_20140326_123513 I currently began writing poetry again. I found inspiration on twitter reading some wonderful micropoetry. I’ve tried my hand at a few pieces and I will post them soon. My timing couldn’t be better because April is nigh and you know what that means?! National Poetry Month! I’m quite excited for it this year because I’m writing more and I found out about the Poem A Day Challenge sponsored by The Writer’s Digest from a twitter friend. :D I also discovered a daily micropoetry challenge on twitter. Check out @HeartSoup for details. I plan on doing a “wearyourpoetry” event throughout April. I’m gonna write a poem and either carry it in plain sight or wear it. You can follow along either on my blog or through twitter. If you’d like you can join me on twitter. Take a  photo of your poetry and use #wearyourpoetry on twittwer. It can be written on a shirt, shoe, sleeve, a pair of old jeans. Attached to a bag or a coffee cup sleeve. Stay tuned for more questions and details!   P.s–Poememes continues tomorrow….What have you made today?! Share it on the flickr. Love Write, j.ajabad

FOUND: A writing community

While doing some research to answer a question from someone who recently discovered poetry I found this promising online writing group. It’s funny what you discover when helping others. I’ve done some research to gauge the effectiveness of scribophile. After much internal debate I decided to join and so I did. Last night I became a member of scribophile. This morning I received a “welcome to the community” in my inbox from a member. Needless to say I felt quite welcomed and that I found a relatively friendly place. I expect to grow as a writer and I would also like to write better constructive critiques of others in hopes of helping when I can. I am ready for constructive feedback.

Personally, I don’t care if someone tells me my poetry sucks as long as they can tell me why! I have had experience with this before on another blog and I was hurt because I didn’t know why it sucked. I think I may have digressed a bit.

I plan to provide commentary about my experiences on scribophile. Stay tuned! :D

Love Write,

Poememes: Tag Your It!

Hello, folks. Here’s yet another challenge in the Poememes Weekly Challenge installment. This week’s canvas is a tag.  Use whatever mediums you have to decorate your tag: Paint, Collage, Ink, Stamps, etc. Make sure you add art+ 1 verse of poetry. If you are new to the Poememes challenge click  here!

For this challenge I decided to use a flower to celebrate the first day of spring.  I crumpled up a manila tag and then added vintage photo distress ink. Then, I stitched a straight line for the stem and made a floral print flower. I used lace for grass and added an alcohol ink stained heart time piece. Finally I added a bits of words and arranged them into my one-line poem.


Love knows no season yet blooms forevermore….
(c) j.ajabad 2014

No it is your turn! How will you interpret this creative challenge? When you your done link it from your flickr or blog via the linky list below. Make sure you post from a specific post rather than your home page. The linky list is open until next thursday.

If you’d rather you can join and upload your art to the flickr or google+ groups!

Love Write,